Erin and Mark Vancouver Wedding

Mark and Erin first met at the top of Cypress Mountain in February of 2008, just outside of Hollyburn Lodge. They spent the whole day snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on the mountain for their friend’s birthday. They had a great time listening to bluegrass and enjoying their friends under a beautiful clear night sky and bright white snow. As the night ended, they still kept in touch and after a few years, the friendship they started on that night grew into something more beautiful. They finally made it official in an intimare ceremony at Trout Lake Park in East Vancouver on July 18th 2014 as it was their beloved community park and where they spent a lot of their time together. Both of their parents joined them in their small ceremony on the dock including Mark’s brother and his partner. They also had a little garden party at the Trout Lake Community Centre with their close friends during the evening.

Their wedding reception had many elements from their East Vancouver community as much as possible, as well as heirlooms from both of their families. Their cake, ice cream, flowers, Erin’s dress, and the tacos were all from treasured small businesses in East Vancouver. Their wedding rings were made by an East Vancouver jeweller with the gold from both of her grandmothers’ engagement rings. For Erin and Mark, their wedding day was the best and unforgettable day they ever had, especially when they were walking to the reception while Erin was holding the bouquet in one hand and Mark’s hand in the other.

Kudos to their Vancouver wedding photographer, Melissa of Bake Photography, for capturing Erin and Mark’s wedding moments! You can see that the wedding photos did not just capture the moments the couple shared, but also the atmosphere and the spirit of their wedding.

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