Teila and Pavlo Engagement Shoot

When Teila and Pavlo got engaged, they knew they wanted engagement photos that captured the scenic location of the Pacific west coast’s West Vancouver Light House Park in all the romantic glory of the “Golden Hour,” complete with the warm glow of the setting sun against the majestic landscape of cliffs. They found just the photographer for them when they contacted Jozef Povazan of Povazan Photography

While the couple started out a bit camera-shy, Jozef immediately made them feel comfortable by letting them relax and enjoy themselves in their gorgeous location while he followed with a telescopic lens, capturing candid images of them walking on the trails and heading towards the light house. The sound of ocean waves drowned out any hint of the couple’s conversation, and all that was left was their radiant smiles and gazes for Jozef to capture in the soft light of the Golden Hour.

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